HomeShop18 Launches Shilpa Shetty Kundra (SSK) line of Sarees


It's the festive season and the first outfit which comes in the mind of any Indian woman is none other than a Saree! Saree is that six yards of sheer beauty which has the power to transform one's whole personality. If worn right, it can make you look sexy,graceful and gorgeous - all at the same time.

Home Shop 18 has partnered with Shilpa Shetty Kundra to launch designer Sarees. Exclusive Launch of the SSK line of Sarees is scheduled for the 10th of Oct at 1 pm on HS18, the official channel of Home shop 18. This launch will have Sarees in 3 designs and 3 different colours for women to choose from.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra is one Celebrity whom I have great regard for - being a 41 year old entrepreneur with a Kid and having such a toned and fit body is not a piece of cake. *Grand salute*
I believe this Bollywood celebrity has great sense of style especially when it comes to Sarees. After being a top actress of Bollywood and a producer, now the multi-talented Mrs Kundra is opening her own line of Sarees in partnership with HomeShop18 for the second time. (The SSK line of Sarees were out the previous year too).
I am so excited after hearing this as I can't wait to see what lovely designs this Gorgeous lady has to offer. The last time the SSK range of sarees were launched, HomeShop18 had received an overwhelming response from its customers and the whole collection went out of stock. HomeShop18 is back again with a more impressive collection from Shilpa Shetty Kundra with Sarees delicately crafted using Georgette,  Embossed crepe and net chiffon.
The first time I wore a Saree was during my School's Farewell party and my love for this traditional beauty has evolved ever since. I don't wear Sarees usually but let me tell you that thanks to my Saree freak bestie, I can write you a whole book on them - which style suits which shape, the different drapes, shapes and what not! My best friend is a die hard Saree fan and owns them in every drape and colour but doesn't seem to get enough. She's getting engaged in the coming month and I was looking for a suitable gift for her online when I came across the news about Home Shop Partenering with Shilpa Shetty Kundra again. I am loving the SSK designed Saree shown in the above image and I think it'll be a perfect gift for my Best friend's Roka! :D And the best part, the latest saree collection is priced very affordably, each saree cost just Rs 1599/. Isnt it just awesome.

Why buy the SSK Sarees?:

  • Crafted with Promise: Each Saree is crafted with immense care and it's designed with excellence. The quality is top notch and the design a sure shot attention grabber!
  • Highly affordable: Unlike the other designer pieces, the SSK range is going to be super affordable. The sarees are priced at 1599 INR each.
  • Embellished with a rich look: This range has been designed especially for the festive season so each saree is embellished with rich embroidery and a lace border which makes it perfect for any celebration.
  • Perfect Drape: Each saree is bound to give you a perfect, delicate and sexy drape making you the center of attention with poise and Grace.

One look at the pre-buzz pictures and I conclude that it's a collection to die for - My friend is really a lucky woman! ;)

Don't forget to catch the launch LIVE only at the HS18 Channel and make these elegant SSK Sarees all yours. You can buy the range online from here.


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