Best Car Perfumes in India


The joy of owning a car is 'out-of-this-world'!

I remember when my Dad bought his first car years ago - it was a thing to celebrate in the entire family. Everyone had those big toothy grins on their faces and it was really exciting to bask in the glory of owning a new car while the neighbors envied and sent stealthy glances your way. The chore of beautifying the car in every way possible and furnishing it with the best of amenities possible started right then. After a couple of days, we had finally set up everything but something somewhere was missing...

..and the need for it arrived every time we stopped our car at a Traffic signal or a sloppy road which was full of garbage bins and litter. The stink from the many different stops and places we took while driving was just unbearable at times and somehow it was spoiling the whole joy of travelling in a car. Then came the day when we bought our very first Car perfume and let me tell you this - life from then was pure bliss!

If you own a car then you need a car perfume in your life, you just NEED it! It keeps those hundreds of unwelcome odours at bay and perfectly enhances your whole experience of travelling. If I had to travel without a car perfume in this stingy Bangalore traffic, where there's garbage in like every freaking road side then I would just pass out!

I have used car perfumes from many brands, some even foreign(thanks to my Dad) and I feel like I have mastered the art of choosing the best one which suits different tastes. My very favourite car perfume which I would totally recommend to everyone out there is:

These cute little bottles from Godrej Aer are SO apt and smell practically like heaven! I just LOVE the lavender flavour in this range and also the lime(I can't remember what it's called) Car perfume which comes in a hook up packaging.

You know what, I love the Car perfumes from Godrej Aer so much that I have bought some for my wardrobe, bedside and my kitchen too! Alright they are car perfumes but hey! Who cares? They smell amazing so I guess I have the liberty to use them as and where I wish! ;)

Godrej Aer offers a range of car fresheners available in various designer fragrances. I totally love the cute bubbly buckets and I like using a different flavour for every mood and season. ^_^

These car perfumes some with a technology that makes sure my car smells consistently good for almost two months and I can't get enough of how fresh and relaxed they keep the atmosphere inside my car which makes them the best car fresheners!

So what are you waiting for? Select the right fragrance for your car today! If you don't have a car yet then you know.. you can use these like I use them for my home.. ssshhh, let's keep that a secret! ;)

Use this link to buy car fresheners online.


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