Top 5 Benefits of Talcum Powder


From treating Eczema to thickening your eyelashes, there's a lot more to Talcum powder than using it to Pamper Babies.

I have always loved the scent of Talc, it has the tendency to make me nostalgic and take me back to my Toddler days. There are 50+ benefits of Talcum powder for men and women and today I am here to list the TOP 5.

Top 5 Benefits of Talcum Powder:

  • Works like a dry shampoo:
When you are in a hurry and have no time for a shower than Talcum powder can come to your rescue. Talc has the properties to remove oil and grease so all you need to do is sprinkle some talcum powder on your comb and brush your hair. This works a great Summer hair hack when your hair get easily sweaty and limp.

  • Prevents Chafing:
This one is for fitness freaks. If you experience chafing after a long run or workout then you need talcum powder in your life! Make sure you sprinkle some on your feet and inner thighs before heading out to avoid friction.

  • Eases Pain caused during waxing: 
Make sure you apply Talcum powder before waxing, this will help absorb any moisture on your skin and ease the pain and also give better results.

  • Great Aftershave For men and women:
Yes! That little can which you have had lying around can actually save you from the aftershave skin dryness and pain. Using Talcum powder after shaving your legs gives them a smooth finish and acts as a cooling property, avoiding any skin irritation.

  • Can be used to thicken your eyelashes:
Talc acts as a primer and can make your eyelashes look lush and more fuller. Close your eyes and apply some on your lashes before applying Mascara for a more dramatic look.

Best Talcum Powder For Men and Women:

Anything minty and fresh instantly grabs my attention. This is the reason why I have LOVED every product I have used from Cinthol, especially their Lemon soaps and Talcum powder! They have so much variety and some many variants in packaging, there's something for every taste. I love how their Talc gives a super cooling effect to my skin and keeps it fresh all day. Cinthol Talcum powders offer superior germ protection to keep your skin healthy and glowing all day. Totally recommend!

In what ways do you use Talcum powder? Do share! :)


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