How to Style your Printed Bottoms


Not too tight or loose, this is the hay way definition I read everywhere about leggings, they aren’t your pants or skirts! Much to sarcasm, I had a hard time figuring out how I should pair my printed bottoms and how I can keep a low-key outfit with stylish appeal. Well, I thought to share all the experiments I have done and read across in one place. So, let’s begin the discussion of the beautifully printed bottoms, be it the uber soft leggings, the pretty skirts or the pants.

When experimenting for the first time with the printed bottoms, we suggest on pairing them with solid coloured articles. Well just so you build the confidence of wearing prints with prints or another style.

Here we have collected a bunch of looks that we like, where you can take tips, how they have gracefully carried prints with solid colours. Also, we want to suggest on hoarding to Shoppers Stop and dig into the latest apparels.

Floral Prints

When wearing florals, stay more of the low-key match it with solid coloured tops, even when layering, layer with subtle solid colours.

When you are comfortable with florals with solid colours, you can move ahead and experiment working with stripes and prints.

Animal Prints

Wearing animal prints is a bold fashion trip, and you need to carry it with confidence and right colour coordination.
For example, if you plan to wear a leopard printed leggings, pair it either with a plain white tee or any dark coloured solid tee.

 Abstract Prints

Abstract prints are beautiful and when paired with the right coloured article they come out beautifully.

Polka, Stripes & Checks

Wearing a polka print, checkered or a striped bottom is not an easy step. Wearing an upper garment of any print works, but a printed bottom wear gets little tricky! How can you win over it? Stick to the basics and pair with the colours you feel comfortable in.

Aztec Prints

Aztec are the most comfortable type of prints we can go ahead with, they are soft and blends well with almost anything. Match your Aztec bottoms with soft and solid tops for a statement look.

Style it right!

*Guest article by Sakshi Taneja

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  1. Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things.

  2. Printed pants are a huge trend right now. And, not that you should follow all of the trends out there, but this one is pretty great. Printed pants are fun, can be dressed up or down, and make your whole look just a little bit more unique.
    All bottom wear are fabulous in looks.
    Thanks for sharing with us
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