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This is a guest post by Bhagyashree, a wonderful woman who is as crazy about Footwear as me. Let's see what she has to say! :) ~ Bushra

As a kid, I was crazy about footwear. (At least that’s what my parents used to tell me.) And ever since I can remember I agree with them completely.

I often wonder how my own love affair with shoes began. As far as I can recall, I remember donning my mother’s pumps. I was six years old. They were classic black sensible pumps of a housewife. Though they were big for my little feet, I recall walking around in them (more like trying to walk while dragging my feet in them.) I was so in love with them that I didn’t want to let go even though they didn’t fit. But like all mom’s are, she took them off before I hurt myself falling. But me being me, I hid those when she wasn’t looking. Eventually, she did find them.

During school days we were allowed civil dress once a week - just on Wednesday’s. I remember donning a cute pair of pink boots. (See image. Not exactly the same style, but yes something very similar to the picture. One of my many favorites. ☺) They were the star highlights of the day. Since then I never stopped. I won’t buy toys, but footwear, sure anytime, is always a big YES for me.
My mom still tells me about the fuss I made over footwear as a kid. To this day it hasn’t changed much. Yeah, I love dressing up and all, but the most importance is granted to footwear. I own many many pairs. My love for shoes is eternal. I can never have enough pair of shoes. I have pairs for each and every occasion. You name the style and I am sure I have it.

I pick my outfit depending on which footwear I am going to wear. My closet consists of shoes for both formal and casual wear. From traditional chappals to funky colored crocs, conservative low heel and seductive thigh-high boots with towering heels, smoking hot pumps, peep toes or wedges and stilettos – I have them all. Even have leather boots for that oomph effect. The footwear choices are endless.

For daily wear or if I am going to walk a lot, I choose from a stylish pair of flats – it can be sandals, floater sandals, slippers, ballerinas, ballet flats, or flip flops (depending on how I am spending my day). They are very comfortable, perfect for long walks and daily use.

For the sexy killer looks and glamming up the outfit, I typically don my feet in - Heels, cone heels, block heels, stilettos, wedges, pumps, peep toes, platforms, kitten heels, gladiators, or boots. Own sensible heels and you can wear them to work as well. Yeah, I wear heels to work.

And for running, workout, hike, or a road trip, I have a pair of sneakers and outdoor shoes.

I tell everyone to own at least few pairs perfect for every formal, semi-formal and casual occasion. People often ask me how I can afford so many pairs of footwear. It’s really simple. I shop online. I take advantage of the discount coupons as well as earn cashback while shopping for shoes. Yes, I earn while shopping. If I like a pair of footwear but can’t afford it in retail, I simply go online on Price Comparison Sites. Here compare several deals and offers then only I grab the best pocket-friendly offer. On successful completion, I get cashback as well.

So, it’s one of the ideal ways for shoe lovers like me to shop without burning a hole in my pockets.

This could be me if I weren’t so camera-shy.

Author's Bio:

Bhagyashree Patil, a crazy shoe lover, is a Writer and SEOer at India’s new startup which offers attractive cashback deals and discount coupons. I am fond of writing (mostly about shoes and shopping), like to travel (as and when I get time), and am an enthusiast online shopper.

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  1. Even i am also a huge fan of footwears :) Loved reading the post!

  2. It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to came here! Thanks for sharing the such information with us.


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