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I have super sensitive skin which gets irritated with regular use of chemical infused products. This is the reason why I often reach out to products made of natural ingredients and Ayurveda, #MeAndNature are inseparable!

I avoid exposing my skin to too many parabens, chemicals and any other harmful ingredients and prefer nourishing my skin with something more natural and side-effect free. Lately, I have been loving the brand Banjara's for their amazing range of skin care and hair care products which have the goodness and care of nature in them. I have used a variety of their products from face washes to hair oil and I have loved how my skin  and body has benefited from them.

I remember not very long back when my hair were going through a very tough stage thanks to Winter and the Banjara's Hair oil had come to my rescue. All the frizz and the dryness had gone with just a few uses and was replaced by sooth, shining and luscious looking nourished hair. I have been a fan of the brand Banjara's ever since. Their Papaya face wash is also a gem product for anyone who has dry skin like me.

I was very impressed with the latest Ad by Banjara's which passes on a beautiful message - 'If you take care of nature, Nature will take care of you' and I am here to share my thoughts on the same.

This world is a beautiful place and Nature is the soul and heart of this world. If cared and taken care of, one cannot imagine in how many stunning ways nature can benefit you! Banjara's is a brand which believes in the power of Nature and their products reflect the same. Herbs, fruits and flowers are some of the main components of the products made by this brand which make sure your body is taken care of without having any side effects. Banjara's caters to the needs of the entire family.

Another thing I loved about the brand Banjara's is their love for animals, all their products are free of any animal ingredients, they are also listed under PETA for being cruelty free and for not testing on animals. Their products truly reflect how nature take cares of you when you take care of nature.

Banjara's is a brand which promises beauty without any harmful effects, go HERE to try their skin care and hair care samples FREE OF COST!!

Let's vow to take care of Nature,
~ Bushra

Images taken from Banjaras.co.in

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  2. I am currently using Banjara's Samvriddhi Hair Oil and it indeed it very beneficial for my hair. This post is very nice and informative.
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  3. I am really fed up with the fake promises to bring up my skin tone. But with banjaras best skin care tips and treatment, I could feel the difference in my skin tone.

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