My Choco Fudge Fridge Cupcakes Recipe Using Pillsbury Cake Mix


Cheese cupcakes
I am a foodie and an ardent cook who loves to experiment with different recipes from all over the world and given my niche in designing, I like inventing my own recipes. However, I feel baking a cake right from the start is just too tiring and time consuming. So when Pillsbury launched their all new ready to bake cake mixes, I was overjoyed and excited to try them out.

I first made the Idli cakes which turned out AMAZING, I had Instagrammed it and received a great response( I will be posting the recipe for that too) so I went on and got a little more creative and tada - Meet these yummy and oh-so-delicious Choco Cheese fudge cupcakes! ^_^

(If  you noticed the date, I Instagrammed the recipe in 2015 and I am posting it on my blog in 2017.. *lazy is the new sexy* hee hee haw haw.)

The recipe is super simple just follow the steps one by one!

Serves: 7-8 cupcakes.


*Pillsbury Fridge cheesecake mix 1 pc.
*Milk 3/4th cup
*Butter 4 tbsp
*Liquid chocolate for topping. (I used the one which came along with the Pillsbury mix itself.
*8 cups and toothpicks/small spoons. I used toothpicks but small icecream spoons will be better.


Method for cheese cupcakes

>>Biscuit Base:

*Melt the butter and mix the biscuit crumbs from the Pillsbury packet with a spoon.
*Press this biscuit mixture in each cups in a way that the cups should fill up to 1/4th of their level. You can use a spoon to press. I have used the edge of a Roti presser/Belan.
*Cool the cups now in the fridge for 10 minutes.

>>Cheesecake filling:

*Mix cheesecake and milk in a bowl with a spoon for 5 minutes until it turns thick and creamy.
*Pour this creamy mix in each cup so that they fill up to 3/4th of their level. (As shown in the pic)
*Push the toothpicks/small spoons in the middle of the cups. make sure they are firmly held by the biscuit crumbs.
*Refrigerate the cups now for 1 hour. Do not put it in the freezer.


*You can give them any topping. I topped them with liquid chocolate and rainbow sprinkles.

Now enjoy your delicious cupcake treats. It's THAT simple! :D

*Not a sponsored post *after so long, I knowww!* *puppy face*

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