Serene Ways to Drape Your Dupatta


As the festivals are all in the row in coming months, you might have already checked online to buy salwar kameez or have already bought one. When you are all set to enjoy the delicious food and ceremonial evenings along with your friends and family, don't you feel bored to go casual! If you are the one who loves to be totally different and attractive at the crowd, you must get used to trendy stuff in the fashion world. The trend lies in everything you wear. While wearing a type of kameez, a salwar or a dupatta, you may showoff your modishness in each thing. You will obviously get a lovable appearance with modish styles.

When you plan to go flaunting with Indian clothing at events like weddings and festivals, the attire you wear  surely will not let you feel disappointed. Whether you wear sarees or salwar kameez, the pleasing appearance will be yours. Along with huge collection of clothes, they will let you express the love for tradition and customes of India. Go colourful wearing traditionally woven fabrics which are made with silk, cotton, georgette and others with amazing prints upon them.
Here you will get a chance to know a few comfortable ways in which you can drape your dupatta. Dupatta being an inseparable part of a churidar salwar kameez, brings a lot of charming appeal to your attire. With a simple and single piece of cloth you can change the entire look of yours. Check them out and enjoy wearing them at the next event of your life.

Pleated dupatta resting on single shoulder:

This is one of the most loved style of wearing dupatta. When you want to show off the neck line you have got from your tailor or designer, this is the best option for you. You can wrap your dupatta along its width at the centre of the dupatta and just put that over one shoulder of yours. This is one of the common ways. Meanwhile, you can also pleat the dupatta and pin it to either of your shoulders. This is also a traditional way to drape up the dupatta which is being followed by the women from many years.

Dupatta draped across the shoulder and wrist:

Have you ever felt fascinated by seeing a model with an amazing salwar kameez and the way they are elegantly wearing the dupatta across the wrist and the shoulder? Yes! That is the most prettiest look you can ever get. When you are on a short kameez and Patiala or parallel salwar, wear your dupatta across one of your shoulders and bring it to the front and hang it across the wrist. That's all! You will be ready to flaunt at the venue wherever you are at.

Dupatta flowing on a single shoulder:

Wearing dupatta with pleats or in rolled up style is obviously superb. But you can give a royal touch to your attire by wearing your netted or sheer veil across your shoulder and by letting it flow freely. You can tuck an edge of your dupatta to a shoulder if you don't want to concentrate on that when you are out for a party or you can even let it free without pinning it. Though it covers up the whole arm at one side, it makes the whole attire look gorgeous. A sheer or transparent dupatta let's your dress visible even under it.

Dupatta free falling from both the sides:

It is the most simplest style of draping dupatta. Though it is so common to see women wearing dupatta in this way, it gives so much of comfortability when you wear. While buying salwar kameez online, you must check about the fabric from which the dupatta is made. Chiffon or crepe dupatta has the most thinnest and sheer character. You will feel light and serene when you wear them on your shoulders. Brightly coloured dupatta with sheer or transparent fabric look so much beautiful for any kind of salwar kameez you wear.

Punjabi dupatta draping style:

Punjabi Patiala suit has already got so much popularity all across the world. Nowadays it is the most chosen type of churidar salwar kameez in the fashion industry by all the women because of its unique appearance and pyjamas which gives you lot of room to breath inside the dress. The ancient people of Punjab, along with finding a unique dress for the region, have also established their own style of draping dupatta. You can see a lot of pleats at one shoulder and only a edge of the veil is pinned at the other shoulder. At the front of your kameez there will be many pleats visible.

Dupatta with U turn at the back:

It is one of the simplest ways to drape your veil or dupatta. When you have a beautiful neck line or a gorgeous front design work like it is done for Anarkali salwar suits or Patiala salwar kameez, you cannot simply hide all those dazzling design works. This style of draping a dupatta will surely help you in resolving this issue. Wear the dupatta to maximize its appearance at the back rather at the front. Yes! Wear it to get a U turn at the back and which will be covering your front side a very little.

Choker style of wearing dupatta:

Nowadays you can see many women wearing choker necklace. Choker is a word which means very close to the neck. Here when you wear dupatta in choker style, you don't have to do so much work. Just wear your thin dupatta close to your neck and let them free at the back. This is one of the modern style of draping dupatta by trendy women. There will be a presence of dupatta and at the same time it will allow your neck line to visible clearly.

Dupatta worn in raj-rani style:

Raj-rani draping style looks at its best for Punjabi Patiala salwar suits. It looks pretty for short kameez. Here the dupatta is made to have bigger sized pleats and placed on the left side shoulder. You have to pull out an inner edge of the dupatta and pin it near the shoulder. It gets a clear pleated look. The dupatta at the back can be brought to the front covering the head.

Saree Pallu type dupatta draping:

Sarees and Indian salwar kameez have a thing common between each other and that is dupatta. The pallu of a saree and dupatta does the same work and looks similar to each other when they are draped in the same way. You can wear the dupatta like pallu by making pleats and pinning near the shoulder. You can take out an edge of the dupatta and hang upon the opposite hand. This will complete the georgeosness of pallu type dupatta.

You can wear all these styles for various occasions based on their importance and type of ceremony. Each one of them are unique compared to each other and all are equally gorgeous. The looks will surely fetch the dazzling appearance for you wherever you go.

This article is a guest post written by Anil.

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