Different Fabrics To Choose During Different Seasons In India


Clothes create an important impact on your overall personality and performance. Whether you’re in office or home, clothes make your appearance known to everybody. Similarly, the type of material you wear in whichever season also depicts what type of a personality are you.

The Science of Style and Dressing Up!

Research tells us that what you pick for yourself leaves an impact on the onlooker as well. It is an old saying – “wear what you’re comfortable wearing,” but at the same time, it does not mean that you dress up shabbily or you wear something that does not fit into that very season. So, you have been very careful while you select your style and material that goes by the seasons in India.

It’s a proven fact that your styling affects what people think and thus what you get. It reflects your mood, personality, and your persona as well. Confidence and performance is also an important aspect that goes by way of your dressing. Here, I am quoting two illustrations for your style of dressing up according to the season.

  1. Let us take, for instance; you should be dressed up in complete formals for your official meet; a formal salwar suit or a sari would be great though; you, without giving it a second thought, overdo yourself by donning an Anarkali suit for a meeting instead of a sari. Now, will this boost up your confidence level? But, if you’re dressed in formal wear that includes a proper salwar kameez or a formal sari, the others will surely give it a thought that you’re representing your company. In general, though, this implies the symbolic meaning of dressing up and experience that you have for clothes and the sense of wearing them. 
  2. Take another example of Anarkali gown dress; I would rather suggest you wear them when there is any family function or any wedding. Do not; I say never wear any long Anarkali gowns to your workplace. Wearing one will obviously decode your sense of dressing and your style behind it. 

Fabrics and Seasons in India: The Connection!

Come March!

The summers are obviously for those breezy & lightweight mull cotton and modals and cambric cotton. These are lightweight, and the lovely floral prints are swaying in summers. Not to forget about those beautiful chiffons and printed organza that can be worn throughout summers.

Beautiful chiffon prints saris are so much in fashion these summers. Go for lovely and bright-hued floral for your sari. Even a maxi dress would make a style statement this summer.

Breathability: Chiffon, organza and mull cotton are typically meant for scorching summers. They are lightweight material that can be worn in any form.


  • Always try to adorn floral prints which are light in colors too. 
  • Always wear such dresses which are easy to carry. 
  • Always wear dresses of such fabrics that are absorbent. 
  • Wear loosely fitted drapes that will make perfect evening wear over dinners or any casual outings. 


  • Never wear anything that you are not able to carry. 
  • Do not overdo yourself by adorning too many colors. Wearing more than three colors in single attire is an absolute fashion faux pas. So never try overdoing yourself. 
  • Avoid wearing something that is extraordinarily and heavily embellished. This will not do justice to your attire according to summers. And of course, you do not want to sweat all the way in those heavy embellished gowns or dresses. 

During the Autumn Season!

When it is raining heavily yet the summers are in full swing. Obviously, you cannot keep cleaning your mull cotton drenched in rainwater. So try wearing something that is easily washable like nylon and polyester silk. A midi skirt made out of any of these materials is fit to be worn in the rains.

Breathability: Pure cotton is too light fabric and can be worn especially in the scorching heat. It has excellent sweat absorbing power. But it cannot be maintained easily in the rainy season. It has 100% absorbing power.


  • Wear something that is lightweight and can be washed easily. 
  • Wear something that is a bit on the darker side of the color. 


  • Avoid wearing light colors. 
  • Do not wear too long a dress if the weather is moist or sticky. 

Feeling Powerful and Smart

Power dressing is not at all a myth. According to a study that was published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, it was mentioned that people give a series of illustrations and experiments for dressing up according to weather of India. But sometimes, somehow, it might look too odd or fuddy-duddy when you’re not wearing the season here.

The catch!

Many are found dressed up in bizarre. Some wear unconventional clothes, though offbeat you can still make out that it suits the season or not. 

The Result!

While some are kitted out for their freakish and idiosyncratic way of dressing up, the others are not very much that way. This can become a faux pas. Those who are dressed up significantly well are more powerful and in control. You can call them fast thinkers and better fashion-centric.

The Bottom Line!

Your clothes and what you wear can equip you to tackle challenges as you feel more confident while you dress up according to the season and the need of dressing up.

Avoid wearing Anarkali gown dresses during the winters, as it will only ruin your look. Try to style yourself up as per the season’s requirement and not yours. Go for neutral looks this season instead of heavy embellished gowns.

~ Guest Article by Mohammed Dalal

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