How To Decorate Your Cake With Flowers


It may be hard to think up a good flower design for a cake. It’s a fact that many people like decorating with flowers and cakes are not the exception. Girls and women love putting flowers and make them part of the cake decoration. This is because flowers are refreshing and visually attractive and simulating. That’s why people love adding them to smoothies, desserts, good ole plate and such like. Flowers are many people’s first love. They are the symbol of love, and one of the things men use to woe girls.
If you want to make your dessert feminine and beautiful, consider the idea of decorating it with flowers. You can do it with a simple or an extravagant cake. Some tend to incline towards food coloring, natural options and fresh flowers. These things give a sweet treat a special touch. This can intimidate you at first, regardless. Think of what flowers you use, the place you usually buy them, and your budgetary situation. Checking out flower-decorated online cakes delivery can help as well. In this case, we have two choices: decorating with non-edible or edible flowers. Which would you prefer?

Decorating with non-edible flowers

The great thing about decorating with these accessories is that you don’t need to use edible flowers because, oddly to say, people rarely eat them. As people prefer to pick them off, you should give them a heads-up.
Organic is preferred
It goes without saying that using chemical-free flowers is better than anything else when it comes to this point. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the bugs that often hide under the flower leaves. They can literally spoil the petals, the cake and the moment. Have you ever used non-organic flowers for decoration? Sure. Read it on.

Decorating with edible flowers

It’s time to talk about edible flowers. They are the favorite of many indeed. They eliminate the need of further steps like the ones you read above. But, there are also drawbacks to using them. Take a look at these tips:
  1. Shop around. Mind that there are not many options here.
  2. If you want, you can plant your own flower but keep in mind some of them are seasonal. So, you won’t have them bloomed the year round. Pansies are highly recommended by florists. The problem is that they only bloom from April to July.
  3. Go onto the Internet and buy them online. It’s not a rocket scientist to find good websites for this purpose. Mail them and they will ship the flower in the right conditions so the plant will come to you nice and fresh. The problem may be the cost. The shipment is expensive.
  4. The other option is to shop around locally. There are lots of local stores that sell edible flowers. Make a lot of phone calls and ask the company agents what they offer, pricing and all. Some provide a special delivery service. It is better to communicate directly to the produce section.

*Guest article by Pulkit Gogna

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