Love - the only true adventure!


Hello everyone =) Long time!

Firstly, I apologize for not updating this blog for sooo long.. It has been ages since I penned something right from my heart here and trust me when I say that I have missed this space a lot! Having been a hard core blogger for years together, taking a sudden break was unplanned but something I had no choice but to do. It has nearly been a year since I took my blogging break and boy! Has my life changed!!

One year. No. I would rather call it one freaking amazing, crazy and blissful year! I have never known so much joy ever in my life and I am so happy to share this with you guys! On 14th November (Yup, Children's day) I got married to the most wonderful person in this world. Two months left for my first anniversary and we are already blessed with a baby boy who is kicking my laptop and staring at me curiously as I write this! :D

My life Husband and the way he treats me have been a constant reminder that 'Love is nothing but an amazing adventure'. It is a precious feeling which develops slowly over a period of time and just keeps getting stronger and deeper!

True love definitely does not pop up as a surprise.. it is rather something that develops slowly over a period of time and evolves with every passing day. At least that is what I have known from my own experience!

On a side note, to my 18 days old baby boy.. you have no idea what you mean to me! Thank you for being mine!  :*

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  1. Hey Bushra!I'm so happy reading this girl! I still remember, in one of your comments on my blog, you wrote that you wanted to get married like a crazy. So, finally, you got that happiness, and on top of that blessed with motherhood too! Congratulations and God bless! <3

  2. Nice to have you back in the blogging zone... and this proves that love for blogging never disappears. It only gets stronger by the day but what I'd want to know is why people say that love develops slowly over a period of time but poetry and literature are bent upon saying the opposite.

    Arvind Passey

    1. No doubt Sir, blogging is addictive! Let's say people like to hear / read the extraordinary.. maybe that's why they are drawn towards such literature/poetry which is not always true!

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  4. This is your love story. Great. Stay loved, stay happy, stay blessed.

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