Home for the Holidays: 3 Sweater Looks to Wear for Holiday Activities


Whoever said ‘you can’t go home again’ clearly wasn’t one to travel home for the holidays. Whether you live one town over from where you grew up or three thousand miles away, going home for the holidays is one of the sweetest treats of the season. Nothing beats waking up Christmas morning in your childhood bed, reliving the joy you had as a kid anxiously awaiting the moment you could finally unwrap all of the things.

Of course, now that you’re an adult, the holidays are less about what’s waiting under the tree and more about who you’re lucky enough to spend them with. Don’t waste a moment of your visit stressing over what to wear this Christmas. Check out our suggestions for three sweater looks you’ll love going home in this holiday season.

Look 1: Opening presents with family:

You may be a stellar gift giver but, unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. Put your (possibly color blind) loved ones at ease when you open presents Christmas morning and wear something super cute and casual like a cozy cowl neck sweater and leggings. You’ll be so comfortable and toasty that you’ll practically live in a smile all morning – which will totally come in handy when you open that “Bohemian chic garden gnome” from your aunt which, we’re sure, will look great on the balcony of your third story city walk-up.

Look 2: Casual Christmas dinner:

As nice as Christmas dinner is, it’s even better if you don’t have to show up dressed to the nines just to eat turkey in your parents’ formal dining room. Do yourself a solid and sell your family on the joys of a casual and stress-free Christmas dinner this year. Trust us, every political slight from your obnoxious younger cousin is much easier to ignore when you’re wearing something comfortable and stylish like a fabulous white sweater and distressed skinny jeans with leopard print booties. Plus, you’ll be so comfy you’ll be able to eat more pie – and that’s really the only thing that matters.

Look 3: Strolling for lights:

Soak up the spirit of the season and initiate a stroll around the neighborhood in search of the most perfect Christmas lights. You’re sure to shine brighter than your neighbor’s festive nativity display this holiday season when you step out in a ruffled grey sweater paired with black skinny jeans and chic ankle booties. Not only will you be oh-so-grateful for the cozy warmth that gorgeous sweater brings, but you’ll also kinda love all of the adoring looks you’ll get throughout the night. Now all you need is a thermos of (spiked) hot chocolate to really enjoy the magic of the night (but we’re sure you’ve already thought of that).

Don’t waste a minute worrying about what to wear this Christmas. Shop Red Dress Boutique for a wardrobe you’ll love spreading holiday cheer in all season long.

~ Guest article by Janelica J

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