5 Recycling Tips to reuse old sarees


You know that wearing the same saree, again and again, is very difficult for girls because girls want to change their look in every function and also want to make other girls jealous of their looks and dresses. However, they also do not want to spend more money on purchasing a new dress all the time. So, what now they can do to look good without spending more amounts. Now here, you can get all your answers. Yes, I know that many girls are still in trouble because they have many old cotton and chanderi saree but they cannot do anything with that old saree. However, now you can do a lot with your old chanderi saree. In this article, I will give you the top 5 recycling tips to reuse your old chanderi saree without paying much amount from your pocket. So, let’s begin this article and get the recycling tips.

To 5 amazing old saree recycling tips

1) Make a jhola or tote bag from old saree

I have seen many girls especially the girls from Rajasthan they used to carry a traditional jhola or tote bag which actually looks beautiful. So, if you wish to have the same then you can make it with your old saree. Yes, this is the first way to recycle your old saree by converting it into a tote bag. And the main part of the saree like the Pallu you can use it to make the front side of the bag and then use the rest of saree fabric to make an entire bag. This will look amazing through this you can reuse your old saree instead of wearing it again and again.

2) Make pretty and beautiful curtains from old saree

You can also decorate your room and home with old saree by making curtains with them. Yes, old cotton saree is the best option to make curtains for your home and it will make your room more beautiful than ever. So, if you are worried about that what you should do with your old saree then remember that curtains are the best and most amazing that you can do with your old saree.

3) Make beautiful cushion covers

To give your home an amazing and new look then making colorful and different contrast cushion covers from your old saree is a brilliant idea. And the best thing is that you can use these colorful cushion cover on a plain white sofa and then it will enhance the entire look of your living room. So, you do not need to think more about this just make amazing cushion covers from your old saree and show your sewing skills.

4) Make a new palazzo pant

Well, there is a specialty in the Indian women that they have amazing sewing skills and they do not miss a single chance to show their skills that is why whenever they found any leftover stuff they create something new from them. so, you can make a new palazzo pant or a skirt from old chanderi saree and then match with some blouse or suit to give a new and enhanced look to your old saree.

5) Make a table runner

Center table of our home is very important because it shows how our home interior looks so if you want to give a new and eye-catching look to your living room then you can make a table runner from old saree for your center table. A table runner which is made from old saree will give a new, authentic and traditional look to your home and also attract the guest. So, if you have old cotton saree then make a table runner from that.

All the above recycling tips are the best and you can use them and show your amazing sewing skills to your guest. So, if you are still thinking about what you can do with old saree then this article is helpful for you. You can make a different and beautiful dress and other items from your old saree and then make the guest think about from where you purchased it. So, use the above tips and make your home more beautiful.

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