Blast from the Past- The Palazzo Revival


Palazzos. Unless you have been living under a rock you would know what they are- that is how generally this kind of introductions start, right? But considering how old the trend of palazzos is, how classic it was so far back, no one would really blame you for not knowing what palazzo pants are.

But of late, they have made a comeback. It seems that after having their way with the likes of Katherine Hepburn, they have risen back from the dead. There are many reasons for that, the most prominent being how effortless one can look in palazzos pants.

Indian Mix.

Who knew that Palazzo suit could become such a hit in India. Given the general trend of Indian girls towards ethnic wears like salwar suits and saree when it comes to work and home, a bit of mixing was bound to happen. And boy did it lift off! It turns out there is a thing called palazzo salwar kameez which brings together the comfort of palazzo pants and the mobility of salwar suits.

Palazzo suits include one constant- that’s palazzo pants bottom. You can really experiment with it. There are many ways to sport a palazzo pant look. And so that you don’t have to try each and everyone out, we are here to help you choose the perfect palazzo style.

Effortless Elegance.

If you are into the minimum effort and maximum impact kind of a deal, then this section is for you. there are many ways to try out palazzo salwar kameez as mentioned earlier. But the most simple one of them is going with a usual long kurta with a palazzo pant instead of skin-tight leggings. Slip into a cotton salwar and palazzo, and there you have it. The perfect outfit for a hot and humid summer. Easy to wear, maintain, breezy and comfortable, not to forget, easy to move. If you want, you can always get a dupatta to top it off.

Sophistication for Occasions.

There are times when simple and sober ain’t gonna cut it. At times like this, you need something that is on the boundary of traditional and yet timeless. If you are into long embroidered kurta, then here’s your chance to shine. A finely layered kurta with rich embroidery and a contrasting palazzo will help you become the star of the occasion.

Like it Short

Sometimes, taking a short cut can have better results. Many of us prefer short kurta over long ones. They are easy to maintain, look modern and help set the game in motion. If that’s your thing, then you should definitely try out the palazzo salwar kameez with a short silk kurta and a short-cut palazzo. Not only would that give you an ethnic vibe, but it will also help you maintain the air of a ‘desi modern girl’.

Peplum? Tanked? Or it is perhaps cropped.

Perhaps none of the above in the list are your style. Perhaps some of them are too ethnic or too simple for your taste. Then we guess this is the part where we applaud you for your out-of-the-box sense of style and bold fashion. You indeed represent modern thoughts.

palazzo salwar kameez might seem like a thing of the past, but they can adopt. That’s the great thing about them. You can always experiment with it. Fortunately enough, palazzo pants rock anything from peplum tops to copped tops. The latter gives you a rad girl king of a look. You can also try out the tanked top approach. It is best suited for casual occasions like going out with the gang. A hand band and bandanna can help match the look and mood.

Why Palazzo Suits?

As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons behind the revival of the palazzo pants from the age of Greta Garbo. The main reason behind it is the comfort they offer with compromising on privacy and movement. There are many of us with our childhood frock fetishes. For us, palazzo salwar kameez is a way to become childish with the frock and top look. It is cute, after all. So if you are going for palazzo suits with a desi mix of salwar suits, go for it. Get some accessory like a pearl necklace or sandals while you are at it.

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